Introducing KNOX Reset 4



Key features of KNOX Reset 4 :

  • Plugin app is eliminated - One click process
  • Simplistic user interface
  • Systemless root is no longer required
  • New - Updated working system
  • KNOX 3.2 is now supported!
  • Note 9 & S10+ are now supported!
  • Dependency on root reduced
  • Busybox is now pre-installed
  • Added futuristic UI
  • As always, you can still reset your S Health, S Pay and Secure Folder.
  • You can upgrade for free if you already own any previous version
  • You’ll get an instant $10 discount on the overall cost.

Please note : This application is unable to change the actual efuse value. It masks the original download mode/recovery string & spoofs it to display 0x0(0) regardless of the actual value. It also changes the device status to Official & enables OTA updates.

This app is for experimental purposes. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused by this app. 
Consider a Full backup before proceeding

This app is tested on most of the models which has label ‘Supported’

This app disables and resets KNOX Counter to 0x0 (0)


Find the requirements for the app to work : 



A one-click tool to reset KNOX Counter to 0x0.

This app is compatible with most Samsung phones including the Note 9( A9 )

Minimum memory required : 2 GB Free Memory Required



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Disclaimer : KNOX Reset 4 can only be used on 3 devices, but for unlimited times. The devices are recognised by their IMEI number. To increase the device limit, upgrade to KNOX Reset 4 Commercial.


Refund Window : 15 days from initial transaction 

KNOX Reset 4

  • File Format : ZIP File

    An auto-verification will be conducted as soon you extract the ZIP File.

  • V.4.0 [ Latest Version ] [ NON-COMMERCIAL ]

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