Knott Fall is a Free offline messenger for Android.

Here’s a feature covering :

  • Fast Offline Speeds : Messages transfer from one device to another in less than 0.02 seconds without a internet connection*
  • Works Internationally : Maximum of 12 minutes for international messages to transfer without internet connection*
  • 100% Offline
  • Online Mode available (Auto-Switch) : Messages transfer in less than 0.01 seconds with a proper internet connection
  • 100% Free with no advertisements
  • Real – Time  : Most offline messages arrive instantly

How it works :

Knott Fall takes advantage of five technologies to trasmit messages without an internet connection, for accuracy.

  • P2P
  • Mesh Networking Technology (Developed by Venus342)
  • Node Transfer
  • Wireless Radio Transmit
  • Bluetooth Radio Transmit

Security :

We believe privacy is the key to build a more secure messenger. That’s why we have implemented several security measures to protect your messages. Some are listed below :

  • 2048 Bit encryption (AES 256 + 112 other algorithms)
  • Military standard encryption : HSTS SSL+
  • Latest Up to Date vulnerability definitions
  • In-Built malware scanner
  • End-End Encryption Plus
  • Randomised security algorithms
  • Latest Android security patches
  • Additional security measures


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$18.85Sale Price
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  • V.1.5

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